Product Efficacy Testing:

For organizations that have made the decision to invest in load-side energy saving products in the hope of reducing their power demand, and consequently their bill… Eniscope Real-time and Analytics become your indispensable allies.

This is also an invaluable solution for all ethical companies who sell Energy Saving Products who wish to demonstrate the efficacy of their products and solutions in a totally open and honest way for their clients.

Quite simply you can measure, side-by-side the positive effects (or not as the case may be) of any specified product and ‘test’ with laser-like precision its efficacy on any specific application… and then see, unequivocally, the exact ROI or ‘payback’ you can expect.

How? Simply install an Eniscope Meter on an appliance or ‘load’ and plot it’s consumption both with and without the products you are evaluating and all will be revealed. This insightful product efficacy test can be done side by side with two meters on two identical loads… one with and one without the ‘product’ or in tandem on a before and after basis. Eniscope Analytics will give you total transparency as it presents one set of results right alongside the other.

Eniscope completely removes the risk of investing in solutions that may sound good, but don’t ‘cut the mustard’. Thanks to Eniscope you can invest with the confidence of knowing you are making the right decision, as you will have accurate, unbiased, analytical information at your fingertips to prove it!

At ECO Energy Partners we believe there has never been a greater need, or a better time, or greater incentives for companies and individuals to make a corporate commitment and take a responsible approach to Energy Management.

The benefits of embarking on a robust energy management program are considerable:- 

  • Reduction of Needless Waste
  • Improved Public Perception
  • Contributing to a Better Environment
  • Reduced Maintenance by Improved Efficiency
  • Healthier More Stable Power Supply
  • Increased Profit as a Result

However, there is significant risk in investing in energy saving products and solutions.  Common practice is to make that "leap of faith" and make the investment and hope that results are shown on the next electricity bill.

The fact is we know that saving energy really is one of the fastest and most effective ways a company can save money, with positive returns on investment often in the 50% region.   Our problem is applying metrics to each and every investment so that we can understand the return for each and every individual effort.

Today, when Executives attempt to quantify the benefits they have received in broad terms and quantify the financial return on their investment, they have difficulty providing the irrefutable evidence to support the specific actions they have taken.  They must remain speaking in gener terms...

This raises several important questions: How can you be sure that a given product that purports to save money is based on proven methods of energy efficiency, and actually works? How can you measure the benefits of a product you are ‘trialing’ so you know it actually delivers as advertised?  How do you know that any apparent savings are not simply due to anomalies in the power supply or change in demand due to external factors? Could you be the victim of mis-information, where metering equipment installed to allegedly verify saving on a specific piece of equipment has been ‘calibrated’ to skew the results? This is where ECO Energy Partners can independently validate (or otherwise) a vendors claims.

At ECO Energy Partners, we advocate a totally unique and refreshing approach to energy management wherein our clients can guarantee, with total piece of mind, that anything and everything they do to improve their efficiency will be fully transparent, totally visible with all results captured in glorious graphical Technicolor on both real time displays and historical analytics. Thanks to Eniscope – you will always be in a position to make accurate informed decisions about energy saving products. You will be able to confidently weigh up the returns on your investment, and highlight the increased profit from your decision every single time.

Utility companies offer an array of ‘attractive deals’ in an effort to induce you to move your account to them. Undoubtedly there are huge financial benefits to be gained by switching to a more attractive tariff. But are you being kept in the dark somewhat? How sure can you be that the proposal being offered to you is the best solution for your specific energy use profile when you can’t even see what you are using or what you are being charged for in the first place?

While we readily acknowledge that many companies that have only your best interests at heart… there are of course almost an equal number who’s sole raison d’etre is to maximize their potential income at your expense.  Be assured the rewards and commissions a utility services company can receive by switching you to their ‘special tariff’ can be very lucrative, and they often have considerable flexibility in their terms to charge you what they like. Don’t get locked into a punitive deal that ends up costing you far more than it should.

When it comes to parameters like kWh, kVA, Reactive Power and Peak Demand… these can massively impact your final bill… and a seemingly attractive low kWh charge could have a sting in the tail if you are unaware or unable to control other parameters like poor power factor. Thanks to ECO Energy Partners' Real Time Energy Management System, Eniscope… YOU are now in control and will be in a position to make the best decisions when it comes to implementing a robust energy costs reduction programme.


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