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ECO Energy Partners - EnergyMaps Formula

Any forward thinking company that wishes to take a responsible attitude toward energy consumption and the environment - and increase profitability in the process - can benefit from our unique, holistic approach to energy conservation.

How many people actually know exactly where most of their energy is being consumed?
How much is being wasted? And most importantly what can be done about it?
ECO Energy Partners helps organizations get their Carbon Footprint under control and provides the ‘Total Solution’ to those big energy bills!

At ECO Energy Partners we advocate using The New EnergyMaps Formula, which ensures client companies understand their current electrical consumption; understand the impact of any energy efficiency investment made in either capital expenditure or personnel; and understand the true cost or ROI of any investment in sustainable energy. 

Eniscope Real-time Analytics removes uncertainty and risk, and is the foundation stone upon which all energy savings decisions are made...


The first step in any robust energy management program is to take control of the situation and understand the problem – before investments are made in expensive solutions that may, or may not as the case may be, give an acceptable result.

ECO Energy Partners advocates the installation of Eniscope Real-time Analytics as the first step in developing a robust energy saving program… only then can you accurately measure and quantify the benefits of load-side products or investment in new systems or building improvements.

Our second step would be to use the insightful information to plug those energy leaks… in some cases following the installation of Eniscope organizations have been able to save up to 40% by implementing ‘no-cost’ options for eliminating waste.

Thereafter we may recommend selective load-side products from our extensive portfolio (and any others the client may have access to) and with the benefit of Eniscope; test them meticulously and ensure you get the energy savings as advertised.  

Remember with Eniscope everything is transparent…  You now have the baseline and real time metrics to validate or refute any energy savings or efficiencies effort that is undertaken in your environment.

And finally once you have controlled your costs… plugged all those leaks… and reigned in those wasteful appliances or systems, you can now at your convenience begin to access the longer term benefits of on-site power generation using the various Renewable Energy sources available to you… and the good news… Eniscope Real-time Analytics will enable you to quantify these benefits and display them for all to see. You may even be able to ‘sell’ your excess power back to the grid much of the time making a current liability into a profit source.

So… Control - Reduce - Eliminate…

We have developed a superb range of cutting edge energy saving products, solutions and software tools to enable businesses and organizations get their energy costs and Carbon Footprint under control - instantly - in a completely objective and risk free way… with all measurable benefits that are fully quantifiable!

Given that we all know substantial energy savings are readily achievable, with some specific solutions delivering savings of 30% - 40% even well over 50% - ECO Energy Partners can provide any company, large or small, with an exceptional investment opportunity – thanks to;

The New EnergyMaps Formula.


A combination of Advanced Smart Metering & Real-Time Energy Displays show you exactly what is happening to your energy


Customised Training Programs provide the awareness and motivation for users to look for no and low-cost energy saving opportunities


A comprehensive evaluation aimed at identifying all saving opportunities in the following areas
A. No/Low Cost Savings
B. 2 Year Paybacks
C. Long-term Investments


Deliver guaranteed savings through proven technology which may be eligible for government funding or a Pay-As-You-Save Program

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